Who We Are

CSNH is dedicated to encouraging and assisting people to choose sustainable transportation options in place of driving single occupancy vehicles. Partners actively support the development and provision of strategies and policies to reduce travel demand across the state including walking, bicycling, carpooling, telecommuting and using public transportation.

CommuteSmart New Hampshire (CSNH) is a partnership between the state’s regional planning commissions, state agencies, and various non-profit transportation-oriented programs, working in collaboration with transit providers and businesses.

Our History

CommuteSmart NH is the result of a rebranding initiative that occurred in 2015. Formally Commute Green NH, the program evolved from National Bike to Work Day and has grown steadily over the last decade. Our regional organizations have organized regional and statewide challenges and events as well as working with local employers to provide their employees with the resources to choose smart commute alternatives.

In December 2018, CommuteSmart NH was awarded funding from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s Community Technical Assistance Program (CTAP) and the New Hampshire Office of Strategic Initiatives to provide transportation demand management services and rideshare coordination across New Hampshire. With that funding, we have been able to work with employers and commuters from across the state as well as host our pilot statewide challenge in June of 2019.

How Can You Get Involved

Could you or someone you know use an extra $12 in your wallet every day? By replacing a 40-mile round-trip commute with carpooling, you can save at least that much. A commute by bicycling, walking, public transit, or telecommuting can help your wallet even more, and puts even fewer cars on the road. All of these efforts help preserve our road conditions, saves taxpayer dollars, and puts more vacation money in your pocket!

By participating, you’re also doing your part to preserve the environment. For those who are able to make their trips by biking or walking, it also keeps you feeling great too. By encouraging our friends, family and coworkers to rethink their commutes, we’ll keep New Hampshire cleaner and our roads free of unnecessary congestion.

The best way to participate is to stick with your CommuteSmart habits and encourage your friends and coworkers to join you.

If you’d like to do more, we welcome new and returning volunteers to sustain our efforts year after year! Send an email to admin@commutesmartnh.org and let us know that you want to get involved. Thank you!

Our Supporters

CommuteSmart New Hampshire would not be what it is today without the hard work and dedication of our funders, supporters, and of course smart commuters from around the state. Similarly, our commuter challenges and events would not be as successful as they are today without the support from our local sponsors. We appreciate all the food, drinks, time, effort and enthusiasm that has been donated to keep our events running smoothly.