Until the CommuteSmart NH Statewide Challenge Begins!

Join other businesses and employers from across the state in participating in CommuteSmart NH’s Pilot Statewide Challenge! See which team will be the champions! Bike, walk, skateboard, telecommute, carpool, use transit, or any combination of these modes June 1-30!

Registration is now open!
If you know that your team has already been created then sign up here!
If a team has not been made for your employer, let us know at info@commutesmartnh.org and we will get your team set up!
More details on how to join are included below. 

How To Join

To create a new team, you will need to contact info@commutesmartnh.org. If your team has already been created and you just need to join the team, you will need to register on NH Rideshare. Once registered, you will be able to select your team under the Challenge Tab of the main menu. Alternatively, you may join your team or sign-up through any personalized email containing a registration link sent to you by your Team Captain.

Challenge Details

During the entire month of June, log any trip you make to work in a manner other than driving in a vehicle alone. The challenge permits various modes including walking, biking, transit, carpool, telecommuting (working at home), or any combination of these options. All trips will be logged on the NH Rideshare software and participants will be required to create their own login (Don’t worry- it’s free!)

Form a team with your co-workers and compete with other teams around the state. Depending on the size of your employer, your team may be your department, unit, division, branch or the entire company. In fact, many may find it fun to create friendly competition between other departments or branches of a company.

Challenge Awards

Most sustainable trips. For this category, an award will be given to the team (in each size category) which has logged the most sustainable trips on a per capita basis. For fairness, participating teams are grouped into three size categories based on the total number of employees:

  • Small (2-19 employees)
  • Medium (20-99 employees)
  • Large (100+ employees)

Most social media buzz. This award will be given to the team with the most social media buzz. To be eligible, each social media post must include #SmartCommuteTheRoute and the team name. Points will be awarded based on the following system:

  • Three points for each original post, one point for retweet or Facebook “like”; one point for Twitter “favorite” or Facebook “Comment”, one point for Instagram like or repost.
  • One point for each social media platform used.
  • One point for each unique author.
  • Five points for each video.

General Challenge Resources

Team Captain Toolkit